Each year Walcott Parish Council prepares accounts which are approved at the Annual meeting of the Council in May.  Following this the Council is required to have the accounts audited by an internal auditor, independent of the Council.  Once this has been completed the Council submits an Annual Return to the External Auditor who is appointed by the National Audit Office.

Please click on the link below to see the most recent accounts:


Annual Return Section 1

Annual Return Section 2

Annual Return Internal Audit Report

Audit Conclusion Notice

Accounts 2016-17

Notes to the accounts

Notes to accounts

Large items 2016-17


Audit Completion Notice

Large Payments 2015-2016

Annual Return Section 1

Annual Return Section 2

Electors Notice

Accounts 2015-2016

and notes to the accounts

Annual Return 2015

Accounts 2014-2015

and Notes to the accounts

Accounts (with notes) 2013-2014

Annual Return 2013:

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